Gift Aid

This section has details about how to set up to claim gift aid and some of the rules about what you can and cannot claim.


There are three steps to before you can claim for Gift Aid:

  1. Register with HMRC for Gift Aid. A presentation which shows how to do this can be found here
  2. Ask all Parents to sign the Gift Aid form.
  3. Register for an online account with HMRC. Once again, there is a presentation which shows you how to do this and it can be found here

All of the above steps can easily be done using the Gift aid functionality within Online Scout Manager

It takes 3 to 4 weeks to do all the registration, but at the end of it, you can claim 25% of your subs and other donations – and go back 4 years. So it is well worth doing.


Once you are registered, you can claim up to 25% of your subs plus other things (like bag packing). You do this online with the account you registered in step 2 above.

There is also a web page issued by HMRC here which details some of this too.