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Chief Scout & Queens Scout Awards(QSA)

The Chief Scout & Queens Scout Awards (QSA completed within Explorer & Network sections),  can be undertaken as separate awards to DofE.  However, Great benefits can be achieved by using the DofE award & Young Leaders schemes (Explorers only for YL) in order to benefit from other nationally recognised awards whilst also using these towards the Scout Higher Awards.

Explorer Belt

The Explorer Belt (for 16-25 year olds can also be a massive contribution to your overall experience & could (subject to certain criteria) support your Gold DofE residential.  You would undertake a 10 day expedition outside the UK – so a fantastic opportunity to get further afield and undertake different projects.

Duke of Edinburgh

Our District & County run the DofE award scheme for all 3 levels, under the umbrella of the Scout Association.  We also have Leaders who are Accredited DofE Expedition Supervisors and/or Assessors for all 3 sections, including Gold, with appropriate terrain permits and experience for walking activities – we do not currently offer expeditions by Bike, horseback or water.  However, opportunities for these might be available elsewhere.

The awards are available for ages 14-25 hence for all our Explorer, Network & any Leaders/Adults in scouting within this age range who may want to undertake, or complete, their awards within the continuity of scouting rather than educational or other establishments – other than these awards being a natural fit with Scouting activities, and typically run expeditions without need for external support unlike (schools etc. who may not have skills internally), we can also provide some level of continuity rather than moving between establishments within or between award levels. 

However, no matter where you undertake the DofE awards, they also credit the majority of the requirements of the Chief Scout/Queens Scout awards, which might otherwise be undertaken separately – this means you can get both awards for only a little more effort & unfortunately, although the scout awards require a higher level of achievement, the DofE counterpart still appears to be more widely recognised.

Those who are also Young Leaders might also consider how their other activities might be used to help complete the Higher Awards with careful selection  of activities from the list of additional activities (e.g. running an international themed night for Cubs) achieving higher awards could be surprisingly straight forward!

The 3 Award levels each require regular participation in 3 core areas to be completed over various durations.  These cover Skill, Physical & Volunteering activities, together with an Expedition (and additional Residential Experience at Gold only).  The duration of these activities increases with the level & directly map to the Scout awards, which can be achieved alongside DofE by completing a few additional criteria (N.B. it doent work the other way around,  obtaining CS/QS Awards does not give you anything towards DofE awards. Unless you are registered & complete the activities within the DofE framework, you would only be entitled to the Scout CSA/QSA despite having put in more effort & commitment!)

For each section, an assessor (typically your activity instructor, a leader or just about anyone else who isn’t related!) will need to be determined prior to commencement of the chosen activity.  Only Expeditions require a DofE accredited Assessor to be appointed who is unlikely to be known by the participants at the higher levels

Please note that Expedition Assessment is only with respect to the group fulfilling the 20 conditions as defined by DofE, it does not matter if your cooking skills are awful, if you get lost en-route, or your tent falls down, provided there are no safety/safeguarding issues (although your Expedition Supervisor might have a few words to say & you also might not fulfil some conditions if your meal is totally inedible or you need rescuing!)

Refer to the 20 Conditions for Expeditions – https://www.dofe.org/20conditions

In summary, the awards are

DofE Bronze (commence when moved into Explorers) – contributes to the Chief Scouts Platinum Award (for Explorer scouts only)

DofE Silver – contributes to Chief Scouts Diamond Award (Explorer/Network)

DofE Gold – contributes to Queens Scout Award (for Explorers over 16 years old/Network)

Typical costs.

Unlike many some other providers, as a Scout District/County, we should normaly be able to support Expeditions within out community on a voluntary basis rather than needing to buy in external support, hence the costs of undertaking the Awards are typically far lower.

Registration fees for DofE (a standard fee) are currently

  • Bronze/Silver – £23
  • Gold – £30

*Correct as of April 2021

Expeditions are run at their actual cost, hence dependant upon what you want to do & where you want to go!

Typically, for Bronze Practice & assessed they would likely be between £15 & £20 /person/expedition whereas Silver which has 2 nights camping would be a little more for practice perhaps £20-25 with Assessed very much dependent upon location chosen. Gold, with 3 nights camping & probably higher overheads (due to likelihood of being undertaken some distance away, hence additional travel & support costs) would be proportionally higher, but still well below the typical cost of £70-£100/day charged by commercial providers (or Schools/Colleges who cannot support them internally)

Other costs would depend upon what is undertaken for your Physical & Skills sections – Cooking, Horse Riding, Scuba Diving, swimming, Learning to drive etc all tend to have associated costs.

The registration form is available here

This should be submitted via your ESL/Network Commissioner or via  John by using the contact form below

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Please see the associated leaflet ‘The adventure begins’ for further information about these awards and/or contact John using the contact form below


John Clare
District SASU Manager (DofE), ESL (Young Leaders) & Training Advisor

About Me

Supports the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Awards within the District & delivers the Expedition sections along with others in the SASU team & elsewhere  (plus has formal qualifications & scout permits  to support this)

At birth, I became the 3rd generation of an established Scouting family in Failsworth & known as “Akelas Son” for many years before being old enough to join cubs!. 

We then moved to the Midlands and I continued through the sections & became an Assistant Scout Leader prior to moving back north for Uni & work (and also to some proper hills!)

Having a passion for walking & Climbing (including completing the Pennine Way in 1976 & Mountain Leader course in 1983!), I continued to support my old District on their excursions for a few years, until my “paid” job took all my time………un-surprisingly, I came back into Scouting when my own children had started on this journey. I’m also a GSL!

During my time serving as a Parent Governor at my Children’s School, I helped reinstate their DofE Award programme & continued to support their expeditions.  A few years later, whilst in my day job as an IT Project Manager,  I also helped to establish DofE at an Academy in Wythenshawe, where it continues to be supported locally by employees of a major Bank.

Married, 2 Children (who both continue the family tradition!), 2 dogs & quite a few fish.

Contact me via the form at the bottom of this page.

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