Age 14-18yrs

Right from the time of Baden-Powell, there have been arrangements for the young people who wanted to continue after their time in the Scout Section, and in 1967, Venture Scouts were formed from the existing Senior Scout and Rover Scout Sections.

During the late 1990s we decided that, to meet the changing needs of young people, there should be two sections for the over-14s: Explorer Scouts for 14 to 18 year olds, and the Scout Network for 18 to 25s.

Explorer Scout are young people, usually aged between 14 and 18 years old. They make up the forth section of the Scouting family after Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

Explorers with our District

Currently there are five Explorer Groups in our District; Atlas, Chimera, Phoenix, Pegasus and Rogue.

Explorers are given more freedom than the younger groups and are encouraged to create their own programmes.

In the Explorer Section, a lot of attention is thrown towards the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Platinum Award, Diamond Award, Explorer Belt and Queen Scout Award. As well as this, Explorer regularly attend working camps where the do small jobs around the campsite and are encouraged to undertake Young Leader training where they attend other younger sections to assist the leaders. Upon completing the training they will gain a total of 5 badges for their shirt and a Young Leader belt to wear with their uniform.


A group of Explorer Scouts is called a Unit. Not all Units meet every week, partly due to activities, holidays, exams and other commitments that crop up in teenager’s life, and also because Explorers tend to get out and about at weekends more often than other sections.


Explorer Scouts often get a chance to work with other Explorer Scouts in their District, not just their own unit so can take part in an even wider spectrum of activities. There is also a range of ambitious badges and awards, through which Explorers can demonstrate their proficiencies and expand their interests.

DESC - Josh Belcher
District Explorer Scout Commissioner (DESC)
Josh Belcher

About Me

I’ve been involved in various outdoor related entities for the majority of my life.

I’ve been in Scouting since I was a child and have worked and volunteered in various outdoor activity centres.

I love being outside, whether it be walking, climbing, camping, you name it. I’ve found that being out in the country and taking part in “not your everyday” activities can really help with people’s lives, whether young or old.

I enjoy working with the Explorer section the most, as I find it gives the most back. You tend to find that you lose more members at this section due to GCSE’s and going off to college. So, providing a varied and enriching programme helps to keep the members involved and entertained. I also find that keeping them in Explorers is a great way for them to just relax and get away from the stress the exams cause.

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