Welcome to our new Website

Welcome to the website for the Bolton South with Farnworth district!

Our team is comprised of young people, volunteers, leaders, and parents all dedicating time to ensure that each section of our district (beavers, cubs, scouts, explorers, and network) are enjoyable and educational. Scouting is the heart of our team and all our young members progress with irreplaceable survival knowledge and close friendships carved by the guidance of the district team and the time dedicated by leaders every meeting night.

On this website you will find information regarding the district team, a breakdown of each afore mentioned section, awards achievable in each, a gallery showcasing our progression – all available options are on [the main menu].

To the parents and young people: if you want something new, somewhere aside from school to make friends and learn, then scouting is absolutely for you.

I was so nervous my first night at scouts – I joined really late into the programme. I’d never exactly joined a club before and it felt strange to do so, considering all the friends I’d made were solely from school. And yet, five years later I’m part of the district team getting a say in how others can have their scouting experience. It really takes you by surprise how great it is to get involved in.

First, before getting into the learning aspect, the social side of scouting makes it amazing. Sitting around a campfire, engaging in badge work, simply car-sharing on the way to a meeting – all these little things solidify friendships and they’re nurtured by the common interest in scouting. Second, the skills learnt in scouting are irreplaceable. Everything from first aid to axe, knife and saw training are taught and exercised during meetings and camps, and it is invaluable to have such different and unique information from reliable, friendly sources looking to expand your knowledge in informative and exciting ways.

Already, we have over 600 members participating in each section and contributing to make our district as creative and helpful as possible, with the team constantly in communication in order to continue to improve and support Bolton South with Farnworth. With events like the District Comicon Camp 2018 and regular involvement in meeting nights, our team aim to cater to the suggestions of our members and create a safe, fun environment for our young people.

With scouting comes a unique set of memories not found anywhere else in life and it really is something exciting to Be Prepared for.

Author: Caitlin Colley

Date: 2 August 2020